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Here are the basic instructions for waking your human in the mornings or any other time it is applicable.

They don't take subtle hints so sometimes you have to resort to sneaky tactics. Click here for a brief demonstration. (Pay close attention to body language and turn your speakers up so you can hear how to vocalize your request)

Hello everyone and thanks for dropping in. Stop by our shop and look around. I'm sure you'll find something your kitty will like.

paw Cats Are People Too became an idea in 1997 when I moved to the mountains in north Georgia. After losing my beloved dog of 16 years and grieving that emptiness, I became a first time cat owner. From that day forward, I've had a focus on their beauty, their sassiness and their absolute uniqueness. No two are the same and yet they all share a like of being pampered and being commander of the house.

paw One of the first things I realized about cats is how much most (not all) of them hate to travel. So I became an at home care checker for people's cats who were away from home for one reason or another. Sometimes I would never have the pleasure of seeing the furry bundles but most of the time I would have great conversations with them. Since then I've learned how comfortable cats love to be. Albeit they can look comfortable in the strangest places and positions - I have more than once wished I could grab a cat nap and look that content.

paw We've made some whimsical cat mats and cozy beds for most any occassion. Check back regularly; we post our patterns and finished products as we finish them. These mats are perfect for those kitties that do love to travel as well as those that love to snooze on your bed or sunning themselves through a window or as I like to say, re-energizing themselves. Have you ever noticed how some seem to be solar powered? =^..^=

paw Again - thanks for stopping by and have a purr-fectly great day!